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Our Presence

Our Presence

Zedaar Overseas Manpower PVT LTD is a global human resource consultancy with a strong presence in India and other parts of the world. Our headquarter located in Navi Mumbai, India, and have a network of agencies across the country. Our team of experienced professionals has helped numerous individuals and organizations achieve their goals by providing exceptional services that are customized to meet their specific needs.

Thanks to our skilled team of professionals, we also have a remarkable presence across the globe which is improving day by day. We work with clients from various industries, including engineering, healthcare, construction, hospitality, and IT, to name a few. Our global reach allows us to connect job seekers with employers from around the world, making it easier for individuals to find employment opportunities that match their skills and expertise.

Additionally, our personalized approach to every client is one of our key strengths as a service provider, where the experts work closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and develop customized solutions that align with their needs. Unlike others, we value customer service highly and ensure that clients receive timely and accurate information throughout the entire process.

Furthermore, we have a strong online presence that allows clients to access our services from anywhere in the world. Our website provides comprehensive information about our services, and clients can easily connect with us through email or phone. We also maintain a strong social media presence and regularly post updates about our services and industry news.

Therefore, our strong presence in India and other parts of the world has been fruitfull for us and our clients as well. Our personalized approach to each client ensures that their specific needs are met while delivering satisfaction throughout the process. Thus, making us a reputable service provider in the market with a customer-centric approach in mind.