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Message From MD

When I entered this industry, I only had one dream: To fulfill the overall Human Resource requirements of all the clients we work with. With time, I learned how to manage the work and provide quality services to our clients. For us meeting the client's expectations is the topmost priority.

I hold a B-TECH degree in electrical engineering/HSE engineering, I have more than 12 years of experience in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical/Refinery Industries working in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman, and Abu-Dhabi as a safety engineer.

Matching the employer's requirements with the candidate’s needs is one of the things that matter to us. Zedaar Overseas Manpower Pvt Ltd. has set its footprints in this business and uses the best of modern technology and recruitment skills to make the best use of human resources to fulfill the different needs of our client's organization.

Client satisfaction is the core of our success and I strongly believe in this. I am committed to providing the best quality services to our clients. Innovation is another factor that can help us achieve more success. Encouraging employees from time to time motivates them to work harder. In addition to this, they also come up with new and innovative ideas. Following the ongoing trends in the market also helps in increasing overall productivity.

We have a group of people that work on excellence and settle for nothing less than that. Our team is highly active and demonstrates a strong focus on the client's needs and objectives.

Recruiting a highly skilled person for our client’s organization helps us achieve various successes & benchmarks. Zedaar Overseas & we are powered by a large client base that helps us to achieve greater heights of excellence.

We strive to safeguard our client’s needs in the most professional manner. Our main goal is to meet the client's requirements and offers dream jobs to prospective candidates. We strongly believe in achieving success together, so no one feels left out.

Best Regards,
Rizvi Khan (B-TECH electrical engineering/HSE engineering)
Managing Director
Zedaar Overseas Manpower Pvt. Ltd.